Wake up the Machine: Conversion Optimization for a Stagnant Business

Is your business floating in a cryogenic tank, waiting for something to happen before it can awaken to its full potential? If you have an incredible product, great web design, and a team of outstanding professionals churning the gears, yet your business is still flat, you may be suffering from stagnation. You may want to […]

Speed Matters: Why You Need to Optimize for Higher Conversions

A 100-millisecond delay can cause you to lose a customer. Amazon found out the hard way, and they’ve got plenty of customers to lose – 100 million to be exact. Slow page loading times caused Amazon to lose 1% of their potential sales per 100-millisecond delay. A million possible sales just evaporated for this mega-company […]

Land More Customers with Your Home Page as Your Landing Page

Your home page is making an impression. That impression either will drive more customers to your products and services or send them away faster than a hot knife through butter. It takes 1/10th of a second for us to figure out if we’re physically attracted to another person, and an even shorter time (around 50 […]

Pay Per Click (PPC) vs SEO: Which Do You Choose?

There’s a steep learning curve to PPC, and that’s why so many people don’t even try it. They spend countless hours on optimizing with SEO and creating killer content, instead. All that time and energy is rarely wasted, but you tend to develop a little marketing blind-spot in the process. It’s called PPC. However, before […]

Free (Or Almost Free) Design Tools for Your Website

Self-made millionaires like Daymond John, of Shark Tank notoriety, say that the secret to success boils down to one thing, “Work. Bust your butt. Get up before everybody, go to sleep after everybody, and bust your butt. That’s it.” But that doesn’t mean you need to spend extra time and money in your business’s “lean […]