Testing New Initiatives

Building a company with a strong foundation for future growth requires a focus on the full sales funnel. The traditional sales funnel focuses only on bottom-funnel sales and conversions, demonstrated by remarketing or branded keywords. To ensure the long-term vitality of any business, investments need to be made in top-funnel marketing initiatives. These innovative campaigns don't directly produce ROI - instead, they help cement a business's branding, acquire new customers, and lock in repeat customers.

Strategy Secondcrew
Think beyond traditional KPIs and experiment with top funnel initiatives that focus on prospecting

The full funnel strategy has two crucial goals

New Customers

New Customer

Generate new to file customers and target your ideal audience profile.

Existing Customers

Shorten time to second purchase and increase customer lifetime value.
10 Reasons why you need a Digital Strategy?

10 Reasons why you need a Digital Strategy?

Did you know that simple actions such as getting close to your customers' needs or analyzing your competitor’s performance will help your business gain a larger and better position in the market?


is the best way to demonstrate the full funnel strategy

Through site architecture optimization, on-site content generation, and strategic off-site link building initiatives, our SEO campaigns increase rankings, boost traffic, and deliver ROI. It's not just regional or national SEO campaigns that flourish, either; the local SEO campaigns we manage also reap the benefits.

This approach posits that three different strategies must be pursued in order to ensure not just that ROI goals are met, but that overall growth for the company is achieved:

ROI - Standard campaigns that typically focus on the bottom of the funnel and shorter-term gains.
BRAND - Strategy that raises brand awareness through long term initiatives focused on reaching new eyeballs.
TESTING - Innovative campaigns and experiments to determine what works well for a company and what doesn't.

Investing in the second and third steps is crucial. Solid growth relies on testing, finding new channels, experimenting with different ad types, and constantly seeking out new audiences. Even though these ventures may not immediately generate returns, they will pay off with lifetime value.

Top Funnel Initiatives Are Almost Endless

There are lots of different ways to carry
out full funnel strategies. From media buys to lightboxes, Wpromote encourages businesses
looking to grow to test at least one of the following initiatives:

  • Google Display Network
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Video Ads
  • & More

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